physx hud

or physx visual indicator…

For some reason, by default, we see big green and grey letters in the upper left corner of the screen when playing a physx-enabled game. The idiots who put together the nvidia control panel did not put the option to disable this at the right place. Instead of being under the physx pane on the left, it’s under the “3D settings” menu, just beside file, edit, view, etc.

Apparently it is only enabled by default on win7, not on xp.

partimage restore on vm

download, install and start virtualbox
make new vm with enough space to restore everything (see partimage imginfo machine.000, replace machine with backup name)
boot sysrescuecd on vm

dhclient eth0
mount.cifs \\\\\\void /mnt/windows

create default partition table
create new partition of appropriate filesystem type and set boot flag

partimage restore /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows/machine.000

accept 100 dialog boxes

msvcp win7

Apparemment que ce certain DLL est souvent répandu par l’entremise de différents logiciels, car il n’est pas installé avec des packages de runtime ou whatever. Ça pas l’air clair à savoir si les gens qui distribuent leurs programmes compilés doivent inclure ou pas cette bibliothèque.

On peut avoir besoin de différentes versions de cette dernière, mais j’ai trouvé les fichiers pour 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0 et 9.0 en faisant une recherche sur mon disque entier et sur un backup de XP.

On dirait que les programmes en ayant besoin sont capricieux et le veulent dans leur root folder. Peut-être avec regsvr32?

updated editor?

Using blogger as a way to store useful technical information for later consultation seemed a good idea. I wanted some kind of content management for some time now because keeping notes in plain text files is boring and difficult to search through. And I wanted links. I never finished the 2 or 3 different versions of scripts for tagging or grouping this kind of stuff and these blogging software already got it all.

And if anything here can be of use to someone else, then all the better. I also think that comments are a good way to dig deeper into problems if anything needs clarification. It’ll sharpen my writing. And maybe I’ll have interesting conversations with other people! All this looks promising.

But the supposedly updated editor of this blog seems crap. I have to edit the HTML code to remove curious and annoying “span” and “div” blocks. Although things look nice in the “compose” tab, when I preview (or post), these blocks put blank spaces on the page. The “remove formatting” button does not seem to remove them all.